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Permission levels

You can set permission level for specific user (except administrator) and user groups. If user, which has level permission, is in user group, that also has level permission, then user’s permission level is higher then user group’s.

To find permissions in the project, you need to:

Click on the main menu -.> “Projects” tab.

TesteIn Projects List

2. Choose from the list needed project and click on its` name.

Applications list

3. In loaded page click on “Permissions” button (gears).

Permissions in the project

4. In model window you can see and edit which permission every user and user group has. New permission level changes immediately after its’ selection in the dropdown list.


Looking at the screenshot above, user “test2” is in the user group “Developers“,  which has no permission to access the project. But we can see, that user has “Read” permission level. According to this user “test2” has “Read” access level to the project. At the same time user “vitalii2”, who is also in the “Developers” user group, has access level “Inherit”. This means that he has the same permissions as his user group.

If user is the member of multiple user groups and has permission level set to the “Inherit”, then he will have the highest permission level of his groups.


Permission levels

Inherit – inherit parent level

None – has no access to the project at all

Read – can look through, run tests, but not add, edit or remove any project elements

Write – can look through, run tests, add, edit or remove any project elements

Admin – “Write” level + can give access to other users.


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