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Notifications are messages that you see in the interface. Their goal is to inform you about different situations in the system:

Testein - Notifications - Example

There are 4 levels of notifications:

  1. Info (blue) – just information about something, For example, your task has started.
  2. Success (green) – information about successful operation. For example, your task has completed successfully.
  3. Warning (yellow) – warns you that something not critical has happened. For example, your task was canceled by timeout.
  4. Error (red) – critical problem. For example, your task has failed.

Also, notifications are divided into types: instant and savable.

Instant notifications will be removed after their show. They represent current interface situation, like an error while try to connect or successful edit etc.

Savable notifications could be found under the ‘Notifications’ tab. They are stored in our cloud and retention policy applies to them (for example, for ‘Small Team’ subscription – notifications that are older than 1 month will be removed. You can read more about subscriptions here). You can review them any moment from the ‘Notifications’ tab. Savable notifications represents situations, that are triggered in the backend service, for example, task has started/completed or an agent has gone offline.

You can differ these notifications by having a close button on them – only savable notifications have it. Also, savable notifications could be opened by clicking on their body.

You can dismiss notifications by clicking on them, on close button or just swiping it to the right.

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