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Agents are executors of your tests. You need them to run tests that you created. They are similar to agents that you have in your CI systems like Jenkins, TeamCity or VSTS.

Currently we support Windows, Linux and Mac operation systems.

Agents are installed in your own computers, in your own network. That means, that you don’t need to worry about some proxy servers and don’t afraid of your product lack

Each Agent has own properties: host name, IP address, OS name and version, agent’s version and label

Testein - Agents-List

Label is very important part of each agent – it allows to select agents to run test be specific label (for example, run test on any agent with label ‘windows’). Labels are separated by space symbol.

Also, each agent has its status – it can help to determine what agent is doing at this moment or its last operation – and state – Offline, Online and Pending

Unauthorized agents will have ‘Pending’ state. Agent, which hasn’t send any message in 5 minutes will be switched from ‘Online’ to ‘Offline’ state

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