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Restoring agent

In case, if your agent was lost and you want to restore agent with the same id (for example, you have agent-specific tests), you can restore it:

  1. Download (but don’t start) an agent application from ‘Adding new agent’ instruction
  2. Unzip archive to the desired folder
  3. Open ‘config.json’ file
  4. Go to ‘Agents’ tab
  5. Select agent, that you want to restore and click ‘Show agent’s auth token’ button
    Testein - Agents - Copy Agent Token
  6. Copy agent’s auth token from the modal window
  7. In the ‘config.json’ file insert agent’s token in this section: "AgentToken":""in empty space between second quotes. For example: "AgentToken":"MyRestoringAgentToken"
  8. Start agent’s application
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